Khejur Gur (Jhola)

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Winter has come to Bengal with the change of days. It is a time of change in people’s lives. It is really the beginning of the Nabanna festival. The smell of eating pitha-puli spreads in every village. In fact, the most memorable food in winter is Khejur gur.

Although Khejur gur is not available in all districts, date molasses is actually available in some districts of South Bengal in winter. The highest production of date molasses is in Jessore, Chuadanga and Jhenaidah districts. Our jhola gur is collected from Jhinaidha and Chuadanga, directly from the farmer so our gur is 100% safe. And definitely the best in taste and smell. No chemicals are added while making molasses so our gur is free from health risks. Jhola gur is incomparable in taste as well as nutritious. 

Product Type: Khejur Gur (jhola)

Type: Natural and Organic


Made In: Bangladesh

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